The National Alliance of Faith & Justice (NAFJ)

In 2000, at the 27th National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) Annual Conference, Reverend Warren H. Dolphus conducted a workshop that launched NAFJ’s inaugural concept, Facilitating Assistance in Transition and Healing (FAITH). With the assistance of his wife, Addie Richburg, the National Alliance of Faith and Justice (NAFJ) was founded.

The concept became a multi- year national initiative adopted by NABCJ to increase the involvement of faith as an asset to the criminal justice community.

In 2001, Rev. Dolphus was appointed by the President of NABCJ to serve as the first Chair of NABCJ’s National Religious Affairs Committee to implement the principles. The success of the Committee led to the creation of an operational body, the National Religious Affairs Association (NRAA), NABCJ’s first affiliate.

Rev. Dolphus passed away in 2007 and in his honor, the National Board designated Sunday night opening at the National Conference and Training Institute as the Rev. Warren H. Dolphus Gospel Extravaganza.

NABCJ is thrilled to have continued this tradition with the assistance of Addie Richburg, President of the National Alliance of Faith and Justice.