National Association Of Blacks In Criminal Justice

Who We Are

Supporting Equal Justice For All

The Criminal Justice Solutions Organization

Join our non-profit association that provides leaders dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice. Created in 1974, the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) has made a goal of achieving equal justice for blacks and other minorities. Our members consist of criminal justice professionals such as those in law enforcement, institutional and community corrections, courts, social services, academia, religious and other community-based interests as well as criminal justice students and community leaders. Join us and discover a multi-ethnic, non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to improving the justice system.


The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice seeks to focus attention on relevant legislation, law enforcement, prosecution, and defense-related needs and practices, with emphasis on law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the prevention of crime.

Among its chief concerns is the general welfare of and to increase influence of African Americans and people of color as it relates to the administration of justice. NABCJ is designed to serve the needs of African Americans and people of color at all levels, including nonprofessionals, paraprofessionals, and professionals. Anyone can become a member of the Association and support a commitment to equal justice for all.

To act upon the needs, concerns, and contributions of African Americans and other people of color as they relate to the administration of equal justice. The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice is a multiethnic, nonpartisan, nonprofit association of criminal justice professionals, students and community leaders dedicated to improving the administration of justice.

The NABCJ By-laws

A copy of our by-laws are available via pdf below.


The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice's (NABCJ) members always act in a manner that is honest and respectful of the dignity and individuality of all humans. Each of NABCJ's members is expected to exhibit a strong commitment to professionalism and a sense of caring for the needs of others. Here are the ethics and objectives that each NABCJ Member carries:

  • Will act to protect and respect the civil, legal and human rights of all individuals.
  • Will always approach their duties and responsibilities with concern and compassion for the welfare of others and will not place personal gain above service to others.
  • Will protect and respect the rights of all citizens to be safeguarded from criminal activity.
  • When acting in an official capacity, will not allow personal interest to impair their objectivity.
  • Will avoid any activity which presents the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • Will report to the appropriate authority any illegal, corrupt or unethical behavior where there is sufficient cause to initiate a review.
  • Will not stand by idly while a fellow colleague subjects another individual to harsh or inappropriate punishment.
  • Will strive to conduct themselves in a manner that avoids harassment towards fellow colleagues or the general public.
  • Will be firmly committed to the goals of affirmative action and equal opportunity for all individuals, without regard to race, creed or country of national origin.
  • To ensure Black representation and participation as policy makers in the administration of justice nationally, regionally, and locally.
  • To aggressively assist in recruiting Blacks and other minorities for all areas and levels of the criminal justice system.
  • To stimulate research and other documentation related to minorities and the criminal justice system.
  • To actively encourage and support the development of local, community, state, and regional chapters.
  • To serve as a vehicle for input into legislation and public policy formulations in areas of criminal justice related to crime,
    the administration of justice, and crime prevention.
  • To network with other organizations and groups with similar objectives and interests.

Making a difference

The Association was founded as a vehicle by which criminal justice practitioners could initiate positive change from within, while increasing opportunities for the average citizen to better understand the nature and the operation of our local, state, and federal criminal justice processes. Membership and participation in the activities of the Association are open to all, irrespective of race, creed, or country of national origin. For NABCJ members, criminal justice is more than just a career; it is a commitment to a fundamental aspect of our democracy, justice.