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About Us

Learn the history, love, and dedication behind the vision of WOV.

We believe that proper mentoring and validation are great tools to accommodate women in their journey to reach their full potential.  

This is why we are dedicated to the cause of mentoring girls & women of all ages. Our goal is to model and teach Biblical principles that will produce generations of Godly, Virtuous Women.


A message from the Founder

A Woman of Valor possess both of these outstanding qualities.  She is virtuous because she has developed many desirable qualities in her life through hard work and dedication;. And she is strong or valiant because not only has she been victorious in her own life, but she has a passion to help others to do the same.  And even though she is seen as a strong woman, she still maintains and preserves the spirit of femininity that God has given her.    

As I reflect back on my life growing up, there are vivid images in my mind of women who fit this description.  These women had backbone;  they were women who wouldn’t give up and they were women who realized that they had the responsibility of imparting to other women so that this species of woman would thrive in the earth.

The most common characteristic found within all of the relationships I developed with these women, was that they took the time to teach me something that has proven to be a valuable life lesson.  These lessons have served me well and have helped to shape me and my values as a wife, mother, woman of God and a mentor to other women.  

I am so thankful for the opportunity that God  afforded me to know these women; because knowing is a very important part of the process in your journey in life.  Being able to know someone gives you a closer view of the example or pattern that you will need to help shape your life and prepare you to fulfill your destiny.

In next months page, I will talk more about this stage……Knowing.


Sherrell Compton, Founder